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Chief minister ventures in to clp hearltand

Chief minister ventures in to clp hearltand.com, which I think is going to be a nice site to visit at.

Bihar Chief Minister Narendra Modi

BJP’s Modi, who was not attending the event at the time of writing, had given a very eloquent speech. He explained why he decided to contest elections. « On May 7, 2001, the Supreme Court had banned the Congress Party government in Bihar from holding the next assembly. I was the prime minister of Bihar at that time. I have never done politics, but I have been the chief minister of Bihar for many years. When the UPA government came to power in Bihar, I was called by an army officer at a joint meeting of the army and the legislature with the view that we are going to take them over immediately, and there was no other option. »

After the defeat in the Assembly elections, which ended up in a hung Assembly, Modi decided to contest from the seat in front of his constituency of Patna. « I went to the Congress vice-president’s house and said, ‘I will contest elections and if it becomes an election, I will do it from Patna’, because Patna has very important interests there. »

Modi did not tell the Congress to stay awa더킹카지노y from the Assembly seat and he was seen riding in his helicopter outside of his constituency. « The Congress refused to allow me to enter the office of vice-president of the Congress, and the party tried to find ways to keep me away from the other important jobs, and the party said if I wanted to come and take charge of state governments, we had to appoint candidates, not just stay away from elections, » Modi continued. « So, I was riding all over the country, even to France, and in France, I went to the offices of ministers, even to the ministry of economy. »

At some point, the chief minister reached Paris with an official invitation and met with the French prime minister, Nicolas Sarkozy, in Paris. « In fact, I was told by Sarkozy that this could be a great opportunity to become president of Europ바카라사이트e, and that it would be a great gift. We were to take over the responsibility of France from Brussels. » It is unclear what precisely this meant, but this is what I found interesting as a result of meeting Modi:

There are several ways to interpret Modi’s remarks here and there are many issues he didjarvees.comn’t mention. So, if you want to take a shot at his remarks, all you have to do is read Modi’s Twitte

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Senator says slipper must stand down over charges of sex abuse, alcohol abuse

Senator says slipper must stand down over charges of sex abuse, alcohol abuse


Labor MP Rob Oakeshott has quit the Government.

The Tasmanian MP announced his plans for parliamentary independence in a statement posted on Facebook, saying it would give him a « clear conscience ».

Mr Oakeshott also claimed there was « no more opportunity » than the one before the 2011 election to address the needs of the poor.

He has stepped down from his seat in Tasmania’s south, following a Senate committee report on al우리카지노legations of abuse in the State Opposition.

While Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls said Mr Oakeshott was stepping down for personal reasons, he said he could not be sure he would return to the Senate, if it did happen.

« It is absolutely true that in the circumstances where he is stepping down he could seek re-election, » he said.

« So I do not know what he would consider to be the ideal circumstances. »

Mr Nicholls, however, said he respected Mr Oakeshott’s decision.

« This is a decision I respect, » he said.

« I think it is right for anyone who comes forward to stand down.

« He has made it clear the decision to leave was a personal one. »

Senator Nicholls said the committee report was « very difficult » for all involved in the Senate, especially for children who may have seen their innocence compromised.

« When it happened [in the Senate], he believed in it, » he said.

« But the report says very clearly that the people who were abused were the children themselves and it was the Government that failed those kids.

« So it just seem바카라사이트s to me, what did he not do? He didn’t allow it to happen… he was part of it and he couldn’t do anything about it. »

Mr Nicholls said he believed there should be the possibility of another challenge to the current Gove더킹카지노rnment.

« This would mean a new person who has more expertise and less privilege, » he said.

« But the time has come for a fresh start and if there is any other possibility that can help people then perhaps we’ll be able to come up with that option. »

Tasmanian Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls says while he and his fellow Opposition Leader are « not at war » with Senator Oakeshott, « we have to respect his decision.

« That person is the one holding the power in Parliament an

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Australian opposition defends push to send home $50 billion

Australian opposition defends push to send home $50 billion


Queensland Labor has seized on a federal Coalition promise to take down the national debt to urge voters to ditch the Abbott Government.

Key points: Opposition has told voters the Coalition won’t cut the debt

The Government wants to see Australia borrow the largest amount of money in world history

It says that would be necessary because any new debt would be funded through interest

Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison has promised to cut the Australian debt by $50 billion over two terms.

Mr Morrison has already set aside $26 billion for the National Broadband Network rollout, and $26 billion for the Gonski Education and Training program, and $23 billion on infrastructure investment.

Opposition Leader Barnaby Joyce has attacked the idea as a threat to « our children and grandchildren’s future » and predicted that the Federal Government would be forced to resort to a credit default swap if it wanted to avoid a debt default on public finances.

He told the ABC the Government had told him that if it needed to pay back the $5.2 billion it owed on the budget, which was on top of the $7 billion it paid back in the current budget, it would take a credit default swap and « get out of debt ».

Mr Joyce also said he had concerns about the Government’s commitment to deliver 50,000 new jobs.

« A strong economy and a strong national debt means more money for the rich and a weaker economy for the poor.

« This is a big threat to our future, » he said.

The Prime Minister and Finance Minister had told the ABC a credit default swap would not be required.

But on Friday, the government announced it had taken measures to protect financial institutions from losses if the Government lost its financial health.

The Government also announced it would make a number of structural changes to Medicare.

« It was a serious and critical time for all of our health systems as a nation, » Health Minister Sussan Ley said.

« We are taking swift action to secure our patients’ safety and the interests of people living in nursing homes.

« We will also deliver a바카라n extraordinary $5.2 billion package of $2.5 billion in savings over two years which w우리카지노ill help us delijarvees.comver the great promise of $9 billion in extra savings over 10 years.

The government has made a number of announcements regarding health to reassure Australians.

« There will be the greatest financial security for our citizen

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Bigger qantas planes could reduce fares by $10 to $20 (and the cost of their drinks), but at the same time they were taking an unnecessary burden off the shoulders of those at lower incomes and making it cheaper to be a Qantas flight attendant

Bigger qantas planes could reduce fares by $10 to $20 (and the cost of their drinks), but at the same time they were taking an unnecessary burden off the shoulders of those at lower incomes and making it cheaper to be a Qantas flight attendant.

The biggest change in the way Qantas treats its workers has come over the last five years, however, which has cost some people jobs and pushed others to quit the service.

One of those Qantas workers is John D. Cooper, a 37-year-old business analyst in Brisbane. His job at Qantas is not easy, he says. « It’s not a day job, it’s a work schedule that’s not very flexible, » he says.

Qantas employees like Mr. Cooper, whose salary is $14-billion less than the typical Qantas worker, have struggled to keep up with higher expenses of travel, fuel and equipment. « It is hard to juggle a big amount of business in a time like this without leaving behind a bit of extra pay. It is difficult, » he says.

Story continues below advertisement

Story continues below advertisement

This a더킹카지노ll has been compounded by the growth of Qantas’ QF, an increase in the number of seats in economy class to 3,250 from 2,600. For Qantas the change is largely offset by an increase in the number of seats reserved for Business Class in economy and Business Class Deluxe in Business Class. Mr. Cooper feels that those changes have been counterproductive. « These three classes are not working very well for our staff because they just need to make sure that they meet demand, » he says.

Qantas’s executives would not comment on job reductions, the wage increases and the cost of fuel to employees, but pointed to the fact that over time Qantas staff are being given opportjarvees.comunities to go on holiday with families in Europe, Australia and even New Zealand. The CEO of Qantas, Glenn Thwaites, told a crowd of 200 business owners that the airline will « continue to innovate and grow, » adding the airline is in « strong financial position » but that the company would not be looking at other measures.

Qantas does not currently offer any benefits to its workers. Instead, it offers benefits such as paid sick leave, but the pay cuts come as Qantas and the government are pushing for wage hi더킹카지노kes from its employees – a measure that is expected to save as many as 4,200 jobs. As part of it


Sky blues leave it late to earn draw with jets

Sky blues leave it late to earn draw with jets

But with a day left in the season, Hull are still keen on moving first and asking about £12m for Southampton defender Nathaniel Clyn우리카지노e, according to Daily Telegraph Sport.

With the Blues in the market for further reinforcement at right-back, Clyne has been linked with a move away from Anfield, and a move to the Premier League in the summer is n바카라ot out of the question after seeing off Manchester United in the Champions League.

« The rumours have been running for a while but there has been no real interest, » one Liverpool source told The Mirror.

« Liverpool’s stance has been that they won’t sell because they want Clyne to stay – if they would have a big enough transfer window they would be looking at someone like Jordon Ibe.

« But they need to make room for Mamadou Sakho who is also out, so they won’t sign a permanent signing. »

A bid for Clyne could see the Blues land Manchester United’s Nathaniel Clyne if they wanted to, The Sun report

Although he is not as talented as other midfielders such as Nani, Sterling or Gerrard, his versatility and leadership qualities could prove attractive to Premier League clu우리카지노bs, as they will no doubt be keen on signing him following on from the departure of Phil Jones and Virgil van Dijk, if not with United or Chelsea.

Clyne, who has featured every minute since joining Southampton from MK Dons in July 2015, could also help to boost Klopp’s already strong midfield group.

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Us wants more sanctions on iran, but won’t impose sanctions on Iran without first reaching agreement

Us wants more sanctions on iran, but won’t impose sanctions on Iran without first reaching agreement

The EU is ready to impose further sanctions on Iran on condition of talks on its nuclear program, a source close to the ta바카라사이트lks said on Friday.

The EU wants sanctions on Iran on grounds of possible links to its ballistic missile program, which some countries in the Middle East have accused Tehran of having in violation of the deal, said the source who requested anonymity.

But according to the source, EU members also want sanctions on Iran on the condition of Iran agreeing to certain conditions.

« If it were up to the Council of Ministers, sanctions would have been imposed in September this year, » the source told reporters on Thursday. « If all parties come to the conclusion that the Iranian nuclear programme is completely peaceful, we would consider it. »

The EU, which is also under pressure to make progress on talks on Iran’s nuclear program, has repeatedly said it has not decided on any tougher measures for Iran.

The source said the EU is ready to impose further sanctions on Iran « without first reaching an agreement, » a statement that followed criticism from Washington and London after the EU’s chief negotiator for foreign affairs has told a senior EU diplomat that it is up to the United States and European Union to find a sol바카라사이트ution for the Iranian nuclear issue.

« We also discussed more sanctions on Iran, but not without first r더킹카지노eaching agreement with Iran on the terms on which this step should take place, » the source said.

The senior EU diplomat, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the confidential nature of the talks, added that there were still details to be worked out, including the timing and frequency of each round of sanctions. The diplomat spoke on condition of anonymity because she was not authorized to speak publicly on the matter.

While the source indicated the EU was willing to impose further sanctions against Iran, he noted that they must be aimed at helping to convince Iran’s regime that further sanctions are necessary.

But he also said that imposing additional sanctions on Iran would only hurt the Iranian economy.

« The sanctions will only aggravate the situation, not help. It’s only aimed at making this regime understand that sanctions are not the answer, » the source said.


Westfield profit up media and mining earnings down

Westfield profit up media and mining earnings down. » — The Australian

The real story here is about how Australia’s banking system manages risk and the resulting loss in capital. By this measure, this is what Australia’s bank sector looks like today.

If we measure the banks’ capital losses compared to their capital gains, the picture is quite different. If we compare their capital to their income, then the losses are staggering. In the 2008 financial crash, for instance, Australia’s banks’ losses were about 35 percent higher than their income.

So the obvious takeaway here is that Australia’s banks had to be bailed out — but just as surely, the country needs to have an overhaul of how it manages its banks to be as risk-free as possible.

This will come as no surprise to anyone who has had any experience dealing with government and local governments, particularly with the Australian banking sector.

These are not just about the banks — this is about governments and local authorities as well. As they’ve shown in Australia itself, we haven’t always had a strong, stable banking sector. We tend to rely on these banks because they get our spending money, which they use to buy debt.

But we’re starting to feel the pinch

The biggest threat to Australia’s banks in the form of the current banking reforms is that they are getting more capital injections to pay for the cost of servicing debts. In other words, we are going from having a stable banking sector to having a weaker banking system. It’s a direct result of the banks’ big funding needs and not only to fund the government programs that we rely on (such as Medicare and education) but also to fund our debt service (like building roads and schools).

There are reasons why this may not be the direction that the industry wants: for one thing, it has been in a period of slow growth and low interest rates (unfortunatel카지노 로얄 다시 보기y for banks and those who depend on the banking system). And it’s also that the industry is facing pressure from the government: there has been increased pressure on governments to give in to the banks’ demands. In particular, they’ve been trying to raise public debt. We can only imagine that a government with a large fiscal deficit woul바카라 추천 사이트d안전 카지노 사이트 have to cut spending or borrow to pay back its debt — it’s a tough time for the banks.

However, it looks like the future is going to bring the biggest capital injections, and in the coming decades, even greater ones.

What’s happening in Australia’s banking system today


renovation construction

Remplacer sa baignoire par une douche, guide achat et crédit d’impôt

Remplacer votre baignoire par une douche, vous y avez déja pensé tant pour optimiser l’espace de la salle de bain, réduire votre consommation d’eau ou tout simplement par une envie d’opter pour une douche italienne, très tendance. Quel type de receveur de douche choisir ? Quelles aides financières possibles pour cette rénovation…. Suivez le guide

Lire la suite « Remplacer sa baignoire par une douche, guide achat et crédit d’impôt »

Bardages, Isolation, Matériaux, produits à la une

Rénovation facade, optez pour le bardage !

Vous avez un projet de rénovation de façade ou de ravalement de façade, pensez au bardage tels que du bardage bois extérieur, du bardage bois composite, ou du bardage fibre ciment. Esthétique, isolant au niveau thermique et phonique, suivez le guide Prix-de-gros.com pour bien le choisir !
Lire la suite « Rénovation facade, optez pour le bardage ! »

Gabions décoratifs, Jardin/piscine, Matériaux

Solutions Gabions , utilisation et réalisation

Dans l’aménagement et la rénovation de vos extérieurs, jouez avec les volumes et créez des espaces élégants et durables avec  l’installation de gabions décoratifs, une solution très tendance ! Quels sont les différents types gabions, leurs utilisations et réalisations possibles…

Vous avez dit gabion ?

Signifiant en italien  » grosse cage », le gabion est constitué d’une cage ou casier en fils de fer tressés (mailles hexagonales double torsion) ou par soudage de fils (électrosoudage) avec des mailles carrées ou rectangulaires.Ils sont élaborés dans le but de la remplir de pierres résistantes au gel ( ne se désagrègent pas sous l’action du gel ou de la pluie) utilisés le plus souvent dans les travaux routiers, le bâtiment et la rénovation en murs de soutènement. Ils sont parfaits pour délimiter des espaces , créer des berges , décorer un aménagement jardin ou piscine.

D’un cout très accessible déjà de par leur prix mais aussi bien plus avantageux que de construire des murets en béton, faciles à mettre en place et modulables à souhait, les gabions sont des solutions matériaux qui ont le vent en poupe dans les aménagements extérieurs

Une souplesse et inertie face aux chocs

De par leur conception matériaux, les gabions décoratifs offrent une véritable résistance face aux chocs et mouvements de terrain ( terre ou eau) grâce à ses propriétés et phénomènes de dissipation.

Un remplissage selon l’ornement voulu

Les gabions peuvent être remplis de pierres de carrière, de galets décoratifs, de chiste, de pierres calcaire et pourquoi pas, de rondins de bois quand il s’agit de clôture décorative. Pour les ouvrages hauts et de faible épaisseur , il sera nécessaire de couler des plots de béton, dans lesquels on scellera des poteaux raidisseurs verticaux. Ces gabions sont du plus bel effet quand ils sont remplis de pierres de taille. Ils allieront esthétisme et durabilité

Les types de gabions pour différentes utilisations

 Les Gabions individuels : ils sont destinés aux ouvrages de petite taille et sont parfaits pour une déco chic et tendance dans votre jardin. En fonction délimitation des espaces jardins, clôtures, jardinières, par leur différentes formes horizontales et hautes et dimensions, toutes les options sont permises pour valoriser vos extérieurs en harmonisant le végétal et les pierres naturelles.

Jardinières en gabions Optez pour une jardinière en gabion et créez un effet déco unique ! Les jardinières en gabion sont un aménagement très pratique et esthétique pour vos plants.


Les Gabions en kit pour murs de soutènement : Il s’agit de modules de 2 mètres de longs, recoupables et permettant la réalisation d’ouvrage de soutènement pour les talus, retenues de terre etc… Ces gabions sont en construits en mailles de  10 x 10. Seules les faces visibles sont en 5 x 10 (dessus, face, et panneaux latéraux). ces gabions peuvent être installés pour ensuite recevoir un remblai. Les gabions de soutènement sont très utilisés dans les travaux de terrassement.

Vous trouverez sur Prix-de-gros.com les gabions qui vous permettront de réaliser l’ouvrage désiré en fonction de votre configuration. Il est conseillé de vérifier ou faire vérifier la faisabilité de votre projet en fonction de la nature des sols, de la qualité et de la composition du remblai, ou encore des surcharges éventuelles. Vous pouvez cliquer sur les différentes icônes ci-dessous pour découvrir les modèles de gabions adaptés à votre cas.


MERCI à notre client pour ses photos : une future implantation de piscine, relevée et soutenue par des #gabions,


 Les Gabions de clôture ou murets : Ce modèle de gabion sera privilégié pour les ouvrages décoratifs. Ces gabions sont du même type que ceux prévus pour le soutènement. la différence essentielle réside dans le fait qu’ils disposent de plus de mailles en 5 x 10 (toutes les faces visibles des gabions sont en mailles de 5 x 10. Les mailles invisibles, quant à elles seront en 10 x 10.


Ces gabions sont très présents dans l’aménagement paysager et sont une alternative à la clôture en bois, à la haie artificielle ou au claustra. Ils pourront être ornés de plantes décoratives, et de plantes grimpantes.

Les gabions que nous proposons sont fabriqués à base de grillage soudé de grosse section en galfan, un alliage particulièrement résistant réservé aux ouvrages que l’on veut qualitatif. Cette méthode de galvanisation vous garantira la longévité de votre ouvrage.

Comment  choisir les gabions selon l’utilisation ?

Pour une terrasse ou clôturer un jardin

Le gabion répond à un grand nombre d’applications et de configuration. Il sera la solution idéale pour clôturer un jardin, une piscine, une terrasse. Dans ces cas, on optera pour des gabions de faible épaisseur, posés une semelle de béton armée, dans laquelle, on aura scellé au préalable, des poteaux raidisseurs qui seront noyés dans les gabions au milieu des pierres et parfaitement invisibles.

Pour habiller une façade

On peut également utiliser les gabions en guise de mobilier urbain ou pour l’habillage de façade. Les gabions peuvent être assemblés par des spirales ou des agrafes. Pour les agrafes, une pince manuelle  suffira pour les petits ouvrages. Mais pour les ouvrages plus importants, nous vous conseillons de les assembler à l’aide d’une agrafeuse pneumatique.

Pour des murs de soutènement ou ouvrages importants

Pour les ouvrages importants, il est conseillé de faire réaliser une étude de sol préalablement. Le gabion offre des avantages indéniables en terme de cout et d’esthétique, comparé au traditionnel mur en béton ou à l’enrochement. Il est préférable de bâtir son ouvrage sur un sol stabilisé ou alors de réaliser une semelle de fondation. Le dimensionnement du mur en gabion se fait en fonction de sa hauteur, de la nature du talus à retenir et la nature du sol. Il permettra aussi de limiter l’érosion en bordure de mer ou sur les rives d’un plan d’eau. Il sera également utilisé sur les terrains en pente pour limiter les éboulements. Lors de la pose de gabions de soutènement on posera au préalable, un feutre géotextile.

Nos conseils d’achat gabions 

Vous trouverez des gabions à tous les prix, mais méfiez vous des gabions pas chers, bien souvent, ils sont fabriqués avec cds alliage de mauvaise qualité, qui ne résisteront pas bien longtemps à l’oxydation et la section des fils est souvent plus faible.